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MagicSPA - Terms and conditions of warranty

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The beneficiary of the present warranty shall be the consumer, as defined in the Act of the 27th of July 2002 on the detailed terms and conditions of consumer sales and amending the Civil Code (hereinafter referred to as the Client)


1. The warranty is granted provided the product purchased is used according to its designated use and professionally prepared and installed.
2. The condition of the warranty validity is installation of the product performed by a installer certified for electric devices. The note regarding the installation should be placed in the appropriate place in the Warranty Card. The inseparable element of the warranty is the instruction manual and its use.
3. The Guarantor represents that the purchased goods are in accordance with the contract.
4. In the case of defects of the entire or part of the product, revealed within the of warranty period and without fault of the user, the product or its parts shall be replaced free of charge with product which is free of defects, within 21 business days from receipt of the report of the Client regarding the defect, unless the replacement of the product or its part requires, for reasons beyond control of the Producer, a period longer than 21 days.
5. All the repairs are performed at the premises of the Client.
6. The Client shall lose the guarantee protection in the event of:
a. mechanical damage to the surface of the product,
b. mechanical damage to the equipment,
c. installation of other devices on the product,
d. unauthorized repairs or reworking,
e. maintenance and use contrary to the recommendations set forth in the instruction manual.
7. The warranty document shall be invalid if the seller, on the day of purchase of the product subject to warranty, does not confirm the fact of sales, with signature, date and company stamp on the Warranty Card. The warranty document should be accompanied by a purchase invoice.
8. The transportation of the product using a forwarding company services.
In the event of dispatches through a forwarding company, the recipient shall be obliged to inspect the quality of the delivered goods in the presence of the courier of the forwarding company. If the recipient discovers damage in the consignment, he will prepare a damage report, which, together with the consignment bill and a copy of invoice, is the basis for filing the complaint.
9. The warranty claims pertain to the product alone (the replacement with a product, which is free of defects) - they do not pertain to fringe costs, such as transport, installation, industry-specific costs. The cost of travelling to/from the client during the warranty repairs shall be borne by the service provider.
10. The warranty period is counted from the date of release from the Producer's warehouse.
11. The costs of unjustified warranty repair call shall be borne by the User.
12. Any disputes related to warranty service shall be settled by the court of jurisdiction for the Guarantor's registered office.

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