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Swimming pool assembly in the ground

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You should preferably pour the slab the swimming pool can be founded on!

Alternative solution:
Dig a hole in accordance with the swimming pool size. It is recommended that the hole in the ground the swimming pool is to be placed in should be 20 cm bigger than dimensions of the swimming pool. Make the ground water drain around the swimming pool.
In order to prevent the swimming pool from "sinking" when it has already been put in the appropriate place you can use juniper as a reinforcing material.
Lay out approx. 10 cm layer of mixture that consists of sand and cement in proportion of 10:1. The mixture should be then mixed thoroughly and tamped. To ensure proper tampering of the mixture it should poured on with water.
Lay out 10 cm of frigolite over the whole area of the bottom; the use of hard frigolite is recommended.
Set the swimming pool up in place. Now you should measure the swimming pool to ensure that it is situated in correct place.
Fill the swimming pool with water up to the height of 30 cm.
Then start filling the space around the swimming pool with sand and cement, pouring the appropriate amount of water onto the mixture so that it becomes compact and hard. While doing so, the swimming pool should be at the same time filled with water. Add sand and cement at a pace at which the swimming pool is being filled up with water. The filling should proceed in three stages. Each time it should be approx. 50 cm. This activity is to prevent the swimming pool from deflection.
Note!!! Carefully tamp the mixture and pour water onto it under each step of the stairs.
Note!!! Ensure that the hose coming out from the swimming pool are not submerged during the repeated filling with sand and cement. You should slightly raise the hose by the string attached to it that can be hooked over any of the planks over the ground.

Best of luck at building your swimming pool!!!

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