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P.H.U.ANITA / POOLBUTIK provides a 10-year warranty on product design

Warranty includes:

1. P.H.U.ANITA warrants the customer - the end user, that the above-mentioned products will be error-free in terms of materials and workmanship, during the above-mentioned periods, e.g. purchase.

2. P.H.U.ANITA's warranty covers only those defects that will be detected during normal use. The warranty does not cover other issues, including:
- assembly that does not comply with the manufacturer's instructions
- use that does not follow the purpose of the product
- scratches, external discolouration, if they occur due to improper use
- renovation or refurbishment damage if they were not carried out by the supplier

3. If P.H.U.ANITA is informed about defects or lack of goods covered by valid warranty, the goods will be repaired or exchanged, but P.H.U.ANITA reserves the right to decide what needs to be done.

4. The item being offered in exchange can be new or almost new, but comparable in function to the one being exchanged.

5. If P.H.U.ANITA cannot repair or exchange the defective goods covered by a valid warranty, it is obliged to pay the value of the goods in the sum corresponding to its price upon purchase, after the reasonable 30-day period from the date of notification.

6. If P.H.U.ANITA is unable to deliver the ordered goods that are covered by a valid warranty, it is obliged to pay the value of the goods in the sum corresponding to its price at purchase / order, after the reasonable 30-day period from the notification day.

7. If the termination of purchase / ordering of the product depends on the customer's fault, all costs associated with it are charged to the customer.

8. P.H.U.ANITA takes no responsibility for the goods disassembly or assembly costs during the warranty execution if it is not she who carried out the turnkey contract.

9. P.H.U.ANITA's warranty remains valid in any country where the company supplies its goods.

10. Unusual color shades are not covered by color guarantee.

11. The warranty is valid only with proof of purchase.

12. Standard colors according to P.H.U.ANITA become light blue and white.

13. In case the customer reports a defect or error on one of P.H.U.ANITA's products, when he himself has caused it, and when the complaint led to the fact that P.H.U.ANITA representative had to come to the customer, the customer will take individual responsibility for all costs.

14. CUSTOMER (the end user) must check and sign in order to prove to the seller:
- Ph value (7.0-7.4)
- Chlorine value (0.5-1.0)
(does not apply to customers who have salt chlorinator or automatic dosing for chlorine and ph)
- Water temperature (up to 30 degrees)

(applies to no light bulbs)
INSTALLATION WARRANTY (pool or pool roof) - 24 months

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