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Installation and safety guidelines

MAGIC Spa bathtub Instruction Manual



1.Basic safety conditions.

2.Installation and site preparation.

2.1.Site preparation.

2.2.Installation of bathtub.

2.3 Valves

2.4 Installation of air pump

2.5 Installation of cover lifter

3.Nozzle functions

4.Control panel operating manual: ENCLOSED!!!

5.Magic Spa bathtub maintenance.





      5.5 IMPORTANT!




6. Chemicals for Magic Spa bathtubs – agents and dosage

6.1 Agents

6.2 Dosage of chemicals for Magic Spa bathtubs


REMEMBER !!!!!!!!


1.Basic safety conditions.

The basic safety and warranty condition !!! is to have your Spa connected and earthed by an authorised electrician.

Spa installation use electrical components for correct earthing. Earthing – (metal conductor) – provided in the junction box inside the unit to allow the connection of min. 8 AWG (8.4 m) between this point and the earthing strip. Test your earthing once a month!

Do not remove the suction parts! as this may cause injury. The suction fittings are adjusted to specific water flows generated by pumps. Do not use your Spa if any of its suction parts is damaged. Exercise particular caution when replacing filters and pumps. Bear in mind that they are compatible with regard to the flows.

Risk of electrical shock!! ­– install min 1.5 m away from metal objects. Avoid lengths shorter than 1.5 m from any electrical appliances, such as drier, radio set, phone, with voltage exceeding 24 V.


Do not allow children using Spa without due care. RISK OF DROWNING! Do not allow children to climb the thermal cover of your Spa. Do not leave your Spa without the thermal cover protected with special holders.

Do not exceed temperature in Spa above 37°C. The optimum temperature for health adult is 33-37°C. If you stay at Spa for more than 10 min., lower temperature is recommended. The same is applicable when Spa is used by small children! Hyperthermia prolonged staying at Spa with temperature higher than normal body temperature (36.6°C) may result in convulsions, weakness, consciousness disturbance, foetal damage and other disturbances that may cause drowning. Before entering your Spa check water temperature with hand.

High temperatures may result in foetal damage in the early phase of pregnancy. Pregnant women should reduce temperature at Spa to 35°C.

Sick persons or those who take medicines should consult their doctor before using Spa. Obese people, those who suffer from a heart condition or high pressure, diabetes, people with blood circulation problems or tumour should take particular precautions and necessarily consult their doctor before using Spa!!

Using intoxicants taking alcohol, drugs or medicines before using Spa may result in accidental drowning!!! Taking them before or during the use of your Spa increases the risk of hyperthermia.

Do not use your Spa when the filter is missing or damaged. Do not use your Spa when you have any doubts about is correct operation.

  • You must not! open the electrical switchboard,

  • manipulate the pumps when being operated,

  • use your Spa without water; do switch your Spa off before emptying,

  • store chemicals with your Spa,

  • use your Spa without electrical fuse functioning properly,

  • use your Spa for prolonged time at a temperature higher than 37°C.

  • Remember! use chemicals for treating water,

  • maintain the correct pH (7.0-7.4),

  • clean filters once a week,

  • it may be slippery nearby your Spa,

  • use the thermal cover when you do not operate your Spa,

  • ensure that no leaves, sand and other dirt get into your Spa.

2.Installation and site preparation.

    1. Site preparation. Your Spa bathtub should be installed on a solid and levelled ground with strong structure. Any stones, grass, etc should be removed from the ground. The dimensions required for correct installation are the basic dimensions of the bathtub’s bottom. Water drainage – Slightly sloped ground (1 inch) will be the ideal solution.

    2. Installation of bathtub. You must consider the width and height of any doors, stairs, protruding elements of the house, trees, bushes, etc on the way of delivery of your Spa bathtub. Electrical connections and installation: Any connections of your Spa must be carried out by a licensed electrician with SEP qualifications!!! Any cables used for connecting your Spa should be in conformity with local requirements and electrical codes. Any power cords of your Spa are of the same size. Use 4 m conductor to connect the earthing. For connection of any Spa bathtub the insulated earth cable is required. The switch is recommended to be installed within no more than 3 m and no less than 1.5 m from your Spa. The bathtub must be plugged in permanently. NEC recommends that the power connection should be earthed and the plug should not be shared with other equipment. For connection of your Spa bathtub copper conductors should be used. The use of aluminium conductors is forbidden! The final power strap is located in the control cable box. CAUTION! Any damage to the electrical box caused by hole drilling will make the warranty void. No changes to the electrical switchboard are permitted. Every cable must be connected, as otherwise the bathtub may be damaged. The electric power should be protected with the residual current circuit breaker and 1 25A-phase. CHECK THE POWER REQUEST OF THE OBJECT THE BATHTUB IS TO BE CONNECTED TO. Make the appropriate division of power according to this power request.

    3. VALVES – the sides of the bathtub must be removed. Use the drill-driver to unscrew them. Tighten all the valves carefully.

Tighten all the valves

    1. INSTALLATION OF AIR PUMP – REMEMBER!!! – During the transportation the air pump is secured on straps in horizontal position so that it will not be damaged. After the sides of the bathtub are removed, install the air pomp in vertical orientation.

Remove the sides of the bathtub

Install the air pump

2.4 Pump in horizontal orientation. 2.4 Pump installed in vertical orientation.

    1. Installation of cover lifter – MAGIC SPA bathtub

side swivel arm


SPA shield

bathtub handrail

mounting bracket

Transient section

Fig. 1

Mounting the left bracket

Pre-drill all the holes


side swivel arm

metal washer

metal washer

plastic screw cap

3/8" × 3" screw

3/8" NYLON

spacer lock

spacer lock

lock nut

mounting bracket

spacer sleeve

Fig. 2

Mounting the swivel arm


cover hinge

cover arm


connecting member

cover arm


side swivel arm

side swivel arm


Side view


Begin the installation of the lifter by levelling the cover on the top of your SPA. Align it with the housing.


Remove brackets from the lifter unit and place them opposite your SPA. The bent flange should be directed towards the rear of the housing. The bracket should be placed under the upper handrail on the housing. The rear of the bracket should come up to the transient section at the corner of the housing.

NOTE: The screw with two washers attached must be located above the second screw. Together with the bent flange, this determines which side of your SPA the bracket should be attached to (Fig. 1).


Hold the bracket in place and pre-drill the holes in your SPA housing. Use the holes in the bracket as a reference. After the holes are drilled, mount the bracket to the housing using 4 one-inch (2.54 cm) screws for the front and rear flanges and 2 four-inch (10.16 cm) screws for central holes.


Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the other side. The brackets are installed now.


Select two short, straight bars (swivel arms) out of the packed pipings in the UFT set. Remove the nut, washer and one spacer from the upper screws of the bracket (Fig. 2). Insert the swivel arm into the sleeve and make sure that it sticks out evenly on both sides of the arm (there must be the space for supporting on the sleeve). Tighten the lock nut 3/8" so that the screw threads have passed through the nut’s end. Prepare the other side of SPS swivel arm for assembly, however do not put the external spacer, washer and lock nut on the screw. Leave them loose to facilitate further installation.


Place the straight arm on the top of your SPA so that it is located on the external side of the cover hinge and directed towards the installed brackets. Locate the previously drilled holes on the straight arm as shown in Fig. 3.


Insert the supporting arms of the cover inwards until they are aligned with the centre of the straight arm. Move the centre of the straight arm towards the cover hinge so that the side cover arm support rests on the SPA cover. Pull out the straight arm upwards so that it is aligned on the cover (Fig. 3)


Proceed with the other side of the SPA cover. Insert the cover support arm into the side swivel arm. When inserting them towards the centre of the straight arm, hold them in place to obtain the central position on the cover, at the same time inserting the swivel arm to the 3/8" screw on the hinge. (Fig. 2). NOTE: Check step 6 to ensure that all the elements are positioned properly.


Attach the TEK screws to one side of the swivel arm. Repeat the same for the other side.


Mounting the UFT lifter in position (Fig. 3). This will allow installation of screws in the previously drilled holes in the support of the centre, far away of the cover, to be finished.

NOTE: Before the screws are attached make sure that the straight arm is set up properly. (Fig. 3)


Install all the black washers on screw heads to improve the aesthetics.


The lifter is now installed and ready to be placed on the bathtub.


2 – side swivel arms

2 – cover support’s arms

1 – connecting member (straight arm of the centre)

2 – mounting brackets (1 LH and 1 RH)

2 – lock nuts 3/8"

4 – metal washers

2 - sleeves

5 – screws 10 × 4”

10 – screws 10 × 1”

14 – TEK screws

2 – plastic screw head plugs

28 – plastic screw guards

1 – Robertson drill bit

1 – drill bit 1/8”

3.Nozzle functions – remember –

gently turn the nozzles to the left when activating your Spa bathtub!!

Your Spa bathtub is designed in the sensational system that allows the selection of diverse variants and models of nozzles to increase your positive experiences when using it. Each type of the nozzles has a little bit different application as described below.


The air nozzles system allows water aeration. It gives the excellent geyser effects. It is activated by pressing the Blower – Air pump button on the control panel.


The strong water jet can be freely directed on the selected part of your muscles by moving the internal element of the nozzle.


Large water-flow nozzles. May be used as messaging nozzles or nozzles with the water-whirling effect in your Magic Spa bathtub.


The messaging rotation nozzles are available in three sizes in Magic Spa bathtubs. They give the excellent water massage effects. The superb massage and water whirl will really cheer you up.

4.Control panel operating manual: ENCLOSED!!!

Summary of all the control panel functions. The water anti-freezing system. Setting automatic functions of your Spa.

5.Magic Spa bathtub maintenance.

Your Spa is made from high-quality and high-resistant materials. Take care of your SPA to improve your comfort and protect your equipment and investment.

    1. FILTER MAINTENANCE: SPA is designed using the most effective filters. Filter maintenance is the most essential factor in keeping water pure.

    2. CLEANING FILTERS: DO NOT USE YOUR SPA WITHOUT THE FILTERS INSTALLED!!! It is recommended that filters be cleaned once a week. To do so, remove the cartridge filter and wash it with a garden hose or simply under the strong water jet, say in your home bathroom. Clean the filter between pleats by rotating it. When dried off, check it for calciferous layers or oil dirty smudges. They may occur as a result of using hard water or body oils. Use a cloth to remove dirt from the filter surface and inside the shield.

    3. CLEANING YOUR SPA: Clean the acrylic basin using a soft cloth and delicate detergent. Always remove leaves, pieces of twigs and large pollutants that may appear in your Spa bathtub. For cleaning you can use the commercially-available special Spa mini-vacuum cleaner.

    4. DRYING YOUR SPA: Switch the power off. If your SPA is not to be used for a long time (meaning a few months), drain water out of it. There is a built-in drainage valve in the bottom side of the bathtub. Turn it to the left and pull towards you. Then unscrew the handwheel. You can previously connect the garden hose so that water gets out of your Spa bathtub through it and to the designated place.

    5. IMPORTANT! Heavily treated Spa water may be harmful to the flora. If you drain your Spa before the winter season, make sure the whole water has been removed from the pipelines. Disconnect the pumps and let them dry. Remove filters and clean them. Let your Spa dry off properly.

    6. STORING YOUR SPA: Your Spa is designed for all-year-round use and can be used in any weather conditions.

    7. MAINTENANCE OF ACRYLIC BASIN: Clean your Spa using a soft cloth and delicate cleaning agents. Do not use any sharp materials that might damage the basin surface. Do not use any oil-based or strong caustic agents. Mechanical damages caused by inappropriate cleaning are excluded from the warranty.

    8. MAINTENANCE OF THERMAL COVER: Wash the cover at least once a month using a cloth or a brush with plastic bristle to prevent from excessive dirtiness of the vinyl cover.


Technical instructions for using chemicals included in the kit:

ACTIVE OXYGEN – Tablets 20 g

Made from potassium peroxide monosulphate

Certificate of the National Institute of Hygiene (PZH) HK/W/0821/02/2000


Agent for water disinfection in MAGIC SPA bathtubs, contains no chlorine.


  • fast soluble 20g tablets for water disinfection, contain no chlorine, to be used in combination with AQUABLANC A

  • significantly reduces the content of THM and chloramines in water

  • alternative to the chlorine method for MAGIC SPA bathtubs (water does not give off the chlorine smell)

How to use:

After the pH is set to 7.0 ÷ 7.4. With the first dosage add 10 tablets and 300 ml of AQUABLANC A per 15m³ of water. With supplementary dosage add 5 tablets per 15m³ of water, wait until they are dissolved in the dispenser.

In case of long-lasting absence put large Rainbow Maxichlor 200g tablets into the dispenser and remove them after your return.

Caution! When using the active oxygen use AQUABLANC A as an additional product. Only using these two products jointly will guarantee correct water disinfection in your pool, as they do not only complement each other but also result in obtaining the so-called synergy effect.

Warnings and safety instructions:

Store the product in original containers only and protect from sunlight.

Never mix with other chemicals! The cleaned and empty PE packagings are the valuable recyclable material.


Water treatment agent. Contains: special cation polymer

Certificate of the National Institute of Hygiene (PZH) HK/W/0821/02/2000

Complex fluid for the oxygen preparation – ACTIVE OXYGEN Tablets 20g – supports water disinfection in the pool and has the bactericidal and algaecidal effect.

  • liquid, and thus very lightweight, to be dosed immediately into water

  • excellent long-term effect with ACTIVE OXYGEN – Tablets 20g

  • particularly favourable effect on skin in water

  • completely biodegradable in sewage treatment plant

How to use:

When used for the first time or when other agent has been used so far, add directly 300 ml of the preparation per 10 of water and then add 200g of ACTIVE OXYGEN – Tablets 20g per 10 of water. For continued dosing, add 5 tablets of ACTIVE OXYGEN – Tablets 20g per 15 of water once a week and add 100 ml of AQUABLANC A complex fluid per 10 of water once every 14 days.


Thus, the effect of the preparation is particularly extended. Surely, the AQUABLANC system is also suitable for whirlpool and fountain water basins, however it requires using larger doses than those mentioned above.

In case of special water load in the pool (large number of people taking a dip, atmospheric storms, very high temperature, floating pollens etc) the dosage must be increased.

In the meantime, chlorination with Rainbow CHLOR Granulate is also possible. In case of your absence (when the facility is not used) disinfection with Rainbow Maxichlor 200g large tablets put into the dispenser is recommended. After the period of your absence has been finished, you can again start using AQUABLANC without any problems.

It is important to remember that other algaecides do not work when using this method. There may be unexpected and unwanted consequences then.

Danger instructions and safety advices:

Follow the danger instructions and safety advices on the product labels and in the material safety data sheet printed overleaf. Empty PE packaging, cleaned and completely empty, is a recyclable material.

pH MINUS Granulate

Water treatment agent. Contains: 100% bisulphate

Certificate of the National Institute of Hygiene (PZH) HK/W/0822/02/2000

Powder preparation for pH coefficient control in pool water

  • reduces the pH coefficient level in the MAGIC SPA bathtub’s water from the alkaline value (more than 7.6) to the ideal level (7.0-7.4)

  • resistant acid granulate, can be stored for a long time

  • particularly suitable for manual dosage

  • contains no chloride and thus is non-corrosive

How to use:

The dosage depends on the difference between the pH coefficient and water hardness. 1.5 kg of the preparation is usually enough to reduce the pH coefficient by 0.2 in a pool with area of 100 . To dose the preparation properly, dissolve the powder in the calculated amount of water in a plastic bucket and add it into the bathtub.

Types and instructions:

Dosage should be divided into several times. In the meantime, upon mixing up, measure the change in pH value to avoid overdose. The overdose may result in damage to metal elements and coating of the bathtub.

Danger instructions and safety advices:

Follow the instructions and information on the label! Never mix the product with other chemicals! Empty and washed PE packagings are used as a recyclable material.

Froth breaker

Contains: <5% isopropanol, non-silicon surface-active agents eliminating froth

Preparation to very efficiently prevent from froth formation

  • liquid preparation,

  • neutral to the environment when used as specified,

  • used in pool water, whirlpools and hydro-massage bathtubs when algaecides have been overdosed,

  • suitable for automatic hall cleaning machines,

  • the liquid may be used as a preparation to prevent from froth formation,

How to use:

Basic dosage: in MAGIC SPA bathtubs – 25 ml per 1 of water. Extra dosage: when froth reappears – approx. 10-20 ml per 1 of water. As an agent to prevent the excessive froth formation on the surfaces being washed, the froth breaker can be used in a few ways. For froth already lying on the surface being washed brush the surface, then add 5-10 ml of the agent to the watering can with capacity of 10 l and pour it on the froth.

Danger instructions and safety advices:

Follow the instructions on the label and in the safety instruction. Keep away from children. Store in a dry and cool place. Never mix the product with other chemicals. Empty and cleaned PE packagings are used as a recyclable material.

Filter Clean

Contains: < 8% of orthophosphoric acid, < 5% of surface-active agents, aromatic substances. Art. No 1093

Agent for removing deposits from filter element (cartridges):

  • Efficiently removes mineral deposits from filter element (cartridges) that have collected during its operation

  • Due to small amount of the surface-active agents it rinses most organic deposits out

  • The preparation is easy to use

How to se:

The preparation should be used according to the contamination extent of the filter element (cartridges). In the bucket, prepare the Filter Clean solution in a ratio of 1:3 or 1:20 depending on the contamination extent of the filter element (cartridges). The filter element should be immersed in the previously prepared solution and left for 1-3 hours. The length of this time depends on the cartridge contamination extent. Next, the filter element should be strained and carefully rinsed under running water. Keep rinsing until the filter element (cartridges) stops frothing. The filter element rinsed like that and dried can be used again.


Do not allow the solution to come into contact with acid-sensitive materials (smoothly ground natural stones, marble, bitumen, enamel, and others).

Safety instructions: Follow the instructions on labels and in the material safety data sheet. Never mix with other chemicals. Before using read carefully the information on the label!

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